ALPHA-H Beauty Sleep Power Mist (100ml)

ALPHA-H Beauty Sleep Power Mist (100ml)

ALPHA-H Beauty Sleep Power Mist (100ml)

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Supercharge your beauty sleep and wake up to a fresher, brighter complexion with this hydrating, aromatic antioxidant mist. Featuring a complex of vitamins (A, B, C, D and E) needed for proper cell function, this facial spritz penetrates deeply into the skin during its repair phase, enhancing vitality, firming and toning as you slumber. The serene, hypnotic blend of lavender, rose and orange essential oils relax the mind and body, making this the perfect start to a great night’s sleep.

Alpha-H’s Beauty Sleep Power Mist is the best way to ensure a blissful night’s sleep for you and your skin. With a heavenly, hypnotic scent of lavender, rose and orange essential oils, this relaxes the mind and body, preparing both perfectly for sleep. To guarantee a brighter, refreshed complexion when morning breaks, it’s enhanced with a vitamin complex (featuring vitamins A, B, C, D and E) that is infused into your skin to boost cell function and health. Vitamin A provides anti-ageing, vitamin B maintains skin, C brightens and promotes collagen, D destroys free radicals and E protects cells. Together, they penetrate deep into the skin during its nightly repair phase, strengthening, regenerating, enhancing vitality, firming and toning. It’s particularly perfect under Alpha-H’s {Beauty Sleep Power Peel} to reactivate the fruit enzymes and provide maximum moisturising benefits.

Spray directly on to the face. Hold 20cm from the skin and spray liberally. Use under or over Alpha-H's {Beauty Sleep Power Peel} for maximum moisturising benefits and to re-activate the fruit enzymes present in the Beauty Sleep Power Peel. 



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