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Alpha-H Clear Skin Kit
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Alpha-H Clear Skin Kit is a 3-step treatment programme that is your complete prescription for ‘acne free skin’

Why you need it
Alpha-H Clear Skin Kit is a 3-step programme that brings together portable sizes of the Clear Skin Daily Face Wash, Clear Skin Hydrator Gel and Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel to give you a complete day and night system for acne free skin. Suitable for all skin types from pubescent to post-menopausal this 3-piece collection targets active acne whilst also treating the underlying build up of excess oil and dead skin. This treatment programme is formulated with a blend of powerful, natural ingredients and essential oils to deep cleanse, purify and minimise imperfections on combination and over-active skins of all ages.


Tips for use
Step 1: Cleanse using Clear Skin Daily Face Wash, an invigorating gel cleanser that deep cleans, cools and softens.
Step 2: Hydrate using Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel, a soothing gel which helps to hydrate and balance the skin
Step 3: Purify with Clear Skin Blemish Control Gel, an intensive on the spot treatment gel.

What’s Included
1x Clear Skin Daily Face Wash 30ml
1x Clear Skin Daily Hydrator Gel 15ml 
1x Clean Skin Blemish Control Gel 7.5ml
1x Makeup/Wash Bag