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Multi-Mam Compresses 1 x 12 Pack
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Multi-Mam Compresses 1 x 12 Pack

Multi-Mam Compresses are a unique, natural product delivering instant intensive cooling relief to nipples for breastfeeding mums.

Impregnated with soothing 2QR-complex gel, they help to treat and prevent cracks, sores, swelling and infections.

Since the gel is natural and harmless if swallowed by babies, the nipples do not need to be washed before feeding – this is beneficial since repeated washing can dry out the skin and lead to cracks.

The gel is not sticky or messy, so the compresses sit comfortably inside your bra.

As well as being soothing and cooling, these compresses play an important role in healing the little cracks or sores that can occur during breastfeeding.

Their plastic backing means that they create a “moist wound environment” which has been shown to support the natural healing process.

The 2QR-complex in them is derived from the aloe vera plant, and it acts as a natural and effective barrier to bacteria.

Harmful bacteria have special sites on their structure which allow them to bind to our skin. Once they are attached, they can replicate and cause inflammation or infection.

The physical construction of 2QR-complex means that it blocks these binding sites, so the bacteria cannot adhere and therefore cannot cause you any harm. It has been shown to be effective against the most common forms of bacteria present around the nipples of breastfeeding mums.

Multi-Mam Compresses contain no preservatives, perfumes, lanolin or other animal based products. They have not been tested on animals.

They can be stored in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.

How to use

Open the sachet and unfold the compress. Place the gel side against your nipple inside your bra. Leave in place as long as you wish, but for at least five minutes. Repeat at least twice a day until problems are relieved.

Multi-Mam Compresses should not be used for more than 30 consecutive days. In case of persistent or recurrent complaints, you should always see your doctor. Allergies are rare but always possible. If in doubt, place a compress against the skin on your inner arm, if any itchy red spots appear, discontinue use.

Important info

Key features

  • Natural product based on the aloe vera plant protects and soothes nipples of breastfeeding mums
  • Helps to treats and prevent cracks, sores and infections
  • Harmless for babies when swallowed - no need to wash before breastfeeding
  • Contains no lanolin or other animal products
  • Contains no perfumes or preservatives


Aloe Barbadensis Extract, Glycerin (Plant Origin), Xanthan Gun, Galactoaraninan Polyglucoronic Acid, Crosspolymer,

  • Caprylyl Glycol

  • 2QR Complex: Parented polysaccharides that block harmful microbes